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Where Do Crows Nest?

Crows Nesting Time I was watching this tree in front of window. I noticed the crows making a nest. They were flying back and fort to a bigger tree a few meters further. I had studied the behaviour of crows. So I realized that these crows were related to the ...

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Hot Summer, Cool Housing Market

The Hot Summer is the right time to purchase a new home. Summer is usually a slow real estate market comparing to May-June period or September-October. This summer is particularly a great market to buy due to the new mortgage rules and regulations, the right time to purchase your ...

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15% Foreign Buyer Tax Increase….Expect The Collapse !

Good Law Horrifyingly Applied As predicted and discussed with some of you, the ripple and domino effect of the naive decision of the BC government is revealing. The 15% additional tax for real estate foreign buyers. The new tax was proudly announced by Christie Clark on July 25th, and applied ...

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