Georgetown, Surrey

Georgetown, Surrey By Anthem

Ever attended a VIP Grand Opening of a Pre-Sale , just to find out that the unit you were interested was not available any more? Ever wondered why?

Even though you had presented your Request Form still you were not able to get the unit that you were interested,


The long waiting Georgetown in Surrey is having the Grand Opening of the Presentation Center this month in April,

We have Exclusive Access to the units which are not offered yet: The Invisible Units.

To prove this we can invite you to attend The Exclusive Grand Opening in this April, The date will be soon stablished, Feel free to sign up below and we will contact you by phone to reserve your admission.

Basic facts about the Georgetown

Georgetown is a 10 acre, 1.8 million sq ft, Master Planned Urban Mixed Use Community.

Located in the heart of Surrey City Centre.

Flanked by major transportation infrastructure:

  • SkyTrain
  • King George Boulevard

The site is well positioned near regional amenities:

  • SFU University Campus
  • North Surrey Recreation Centre
  • Surrey City Hall
  • Public Library

Central City Shopping Centre

Upon completion, a total of 7 new residential apartment buildings will rise above 180,000 sq ft of newly created restaurants, offices and retail space.

Apply now to be invited for the EXCLUSIVE GRAND OPENING.

Please note that the requests will be qualified by a confirmation phone call from us and you will be notified for the Grand Opening date by email.