Selling My Home?

Have you ever tried to sell your home by yourself or through the help of a professional Realtor? If the answer is yes, then you have noticed that many of the prospective buyers who visited your property, loved it and found it very close to be their ideal future home, but some missing little details turned them away and therefore they opted for another property!… And now, imagine a Realtor/Architect with many years of background in business and building design, who:

  • During conversations with prospective buyers, distinguishes their needs and develops good understanding of their needs and life style
  • Is trusted by prospective buyers as a professional with strong background in building design and architecture
  • Can point out the architectural values and features of your home to the prospective buyers and help them to appreciate those unique features
  • Can assist the buyers to see these features as a solution to their needs in their future home
  • Can provide themimmediate advise about a modification to those little details which resolves their objections, and prevent them from discarding your property as their preferred choice
  • Can provide you with suggestions for cost effective improvements which will update and upgrade your home to maximize its market potential

I would be pleased to share my experience as an Architect and Real Estate Professional with you and families who can be potential buyers of your home.

Your Personal Consultation

To get started, I recommend we schedule a Personal Consultation session. I’ll visit your home, do an assessment of your property, answer your questions, and give you my professional opinion as to how much your home may sell for and how long that may take.

If you plan to purchase another home in the area, we can talk about that too. In fact, there are significant advantages to having me help you with both transactions.

This consultation gives us both the opportunity to get to know one another and to see if there’s a good fit. You’ll learn how I work, how I market and sell homes, and how I attend to my clients’ needs.

After this consultation, although most people are eager to get started with us as their agent, there’s no obligation. This is a get acquainted meeting only.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please call us now at 604 500 2678 or send us the form below and INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER.

We will call you at a desired time as your request. Please note that we contact only by phone and not email.

Looking to Sell Your House?

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